Bedtime madness.

How many of you moms out there know the nightmare of missing the bed time window ! Tonight radified my point on bedtime routine and it’s importance. My youngest always goes to bed at 7 pm like freakin clock work , I love it! But .. and a BIG BUT ( LOL ) when she misses her bedtime  it is a straight scene cut from a horror movie because it was too scary. 😩 We had a family get together at my boyfriends dads house tonight and we didn’t leave the house until 6:30 pm and being that her bedtime is 7 , I knew there was a chance she could turn to a gremlin at any given time , yet we still went. We get there and already I see 1849606 cars 🤦🏽‍♀️So much for a small gathering huh. I walk into the beautiful house that is decorated with lovely African and bi cultural pieces. All in the whillllllle it’s hot as fucking Africa in the damn house. No wonder my youngest starts hollering from the second we walk in the door! After a long 2 hr struggle she went to sleep in her car seat. Long story short yet again mom is right and baby should go to bed when baby’s bedtime is 😊


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